US-American meeting etiquette

Meetings in US-American companies proceed goal-orientated. An agenda is distributed in advance, whereby it is expected that each person prepares for their topic. Often exact times are given on the agenda, which are scheduled for one point of discussion. The topics are dealt with in a structured manner. Normally it is not possible to return […]

Business in the USA: Think big!

This can be seen, for example, in project planning. In the USA, at first a major goal is formulated. Then people sit down and think about how this goal can be achieved. A detailed planning of individual steps is usually not provided. US-Americans don’t look at too many details and also don’t define subgoals to […]

US-American cultural characteristics

The main thing is the belief in success – and in the American dream. In addition, equality and equal opportunities as well as creativity, helpfulness and friendliness are important. Believing in success In many areas American culture has been shaped by Protestant working moral which distinguishes itself by personal responsibility, self-monitoring, endurance, the value of […]

10 tips on business culture in the USA

Tip 1: Be helpful and welcoming! The US-American culture has been shaped by values like helpfulness and hospitality. For the American pioneers those values were essential for survival – and are still expected today. Like long ago US-Americans consider it as extremely important to be neighborly. This includes for example to pop in or call […]

Negotiations in the USA

US-Americans follow the same basic rule in negotiation that applies to all business communication in the USA: Say what you mean, and mean what you say. There might be a firmer tone than usual, but the motto is still: Hard on facts, soft on people. Stick to the facts and keep calm. Be prepared US-Americans […]

Business meals and after work in the USA

In the USA business meals and after work activities are a good social lubricant and are viewed as a standard part of a business deal. Although US-Americans are open and friendly at group common meals and activities, they do not “Only do business with friends”, as in many other parts of the world. Being a […]

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