The Polish commitment to “just in time”

Two factors which become apparent as soon as you begin planning a cooperative effort with a Polish business are firstly, their talent for improvisation, and secondly, their optimistic belief that any task can be successfully managed. Projects continue to be tinkered with right up until the very last minute, as changes occur constantly. Instead of […]

The Gulf Arab operating system IBM

“Inshallah” – “If God wills”, “bukra” – “tomorrow” or “at some time or other”, and “malesh” – it doesn’t matter” or “no harm meant” are set expressions that are nourished from Arabic proverbs and will reach your ears several times a day when you are travelling in Arabic-speaking countries. Because of their conspicuously frequent use […]

US-American cultural characteristics

The main thing is the belief in success – and in the American dream. In addition, equality and equal opportunities as well as creativity, helpfulness and friendliness are important. Believing in success In many areas American culture has been shaped by Protestant working moral which distinguishes itself by personal responsibility, self-monitoring, endurance, the value of […]

The Bulgarian concept of time

Polychronic cultures such as Bulgaria see time as a period in which several different things happen at the same time. Time is a force of nature, therefore it is difficult to “tame”. Bulgarians try to meet deadlines, but they are not always in command of their time. Unforeseeable events often occur that can influence even […]

Visitors from the Arab Gulf States

For Gulf Arabs hospitality is very important, so demonstrate generosity and helpfulness to your visitors from the Arab Gulf states. Strengthen your relationships with common meals and activities. That will certainly pay off later. Arrival at the airport It is absolutely advisable to meet your Gulf Arab guests at the airport and drive them to […]

Vive la différence

In an ideal world … the policemen would be English the car mechanics would be German the cooks would be French the innkeepers would be Swiss and the lovers would be Italian In a living hell … the policemen would be German the car mechanics would be French the cooks would be English the innkeepers […]

Facial expressions and gestures in the Arab Gulf States

The Arab Gulf states are “high-context“ cultures. Therefore, body language as part of a non-verbal communication plays a particularly important role. Besides the context in which something is said, facial expressions and gestures are a major contribution in transmitting information. Signals of body language In communication with Gulf Arabs you should observe exactly whether the […]

Business meals and after work in China

While in in China, you will certainly be invited to a meal. This is something to look forward to, so do not turn down invitations, even if they are issued last-minute. Shared meals and evening entertainment are a part of business in China. Chinese food Chinese cuisine is famous for its variety and you always […]

First business appointments in the Arab Gulf States

Every country belonging to the Arabic cultural world is based on a social system marked by a sense of community and tradition. In the center is the family. All of the values that play an important role in the family and hence in social life, are decisive in the Gulf Arab business world as well. […]

La bella figura in Italian business

The Italian expression “la bella figura” translates to “cut a good figure” and refers to a person’s personal presence, fashionable clothes, a well-groomed appearance, good manners, and overall positive self-expression. The desire to cut a good figure in Italy is not only reserved for rich, successful and famous personalities. Regardless of social class, age, income […]

Business meals and after work in the USA

In the USA business meals and after work activities are a good social lubricant and are viewed as a standard part of a business deal. Although US-Americans are open and friendly at group common meals and activities, they do not “Only do business with friends”, as in many other parts of the world. Being a […]

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