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“The Middle Kingdom“ has developed into one of the world’s biggest and most innovative economies. For many companies, China represents a vital production and consumer market, in which they have invested. Within the last 30 years, there have been huge political and societal shifts within China that are still ongoing.

Through solid preparations for their stay abroad, we will support your employees understanding these processes and help them successfully navigate daily business operations in China: What do Western business people need to know about themselves – and their Chinese counterparts – to avoid costly faux-pas, misunderstandings and conflicts?

With our intercultural trainings, we are preparing employees and their family members for their upcoming stay in China, providing answers to those questions and much more.

  • cater to your employees’ needs
  • are conducted by highly trained staff
  • usually go over a period of one, two or several days
  • give answers to all questions about an oversea stay
  • provide peace of mind and confidence
  • can be organized within 48 hours
  • prepare employees to successfully conduct business, presentations and negotiations
  • are the ideal foundation for a successful stay abroad

  • considers your industry and regional particularities in China
  • explains cultural differences and etiquettes
  • provides and interprets typical day-to-day business situations in China
  • prepares for successful communication in China
  • explains who the key decision makers in China are and how decisions are made
  • demystifies structures and processes in Chinese companies
  • provides strategies to avoid social faux-pas


  • saving time and money due to well-prepared employees, who know what they are doing
  • keeping and growing the prestige of your company in China
  • employees show self-confidence and cultural competency
  • embarrassing situations, misunderstanding and costly conflicts are avoided
  • family members are actively involved in the success of the stay abroad
  • satisfaction, happiness and increased company loyalty among employees and their family members

Intercultural Expat Training

You are interested in our intercultural trainings? Please contact us! We can prepare those for you within 48 hours.

Values in China

Harmony is an important part of the Chinese culture. That might sound plausible, since nobody likes disharmony. But what is going on, when negotiations do not go as planned, just to keep the “harmony”?

China is a country where being part of a group is considered more important than the individual. What this means for doing business in China will be part of our intercultural training for China. 

The Chinese Society

Participants of our intercultural training for China will build up knowledge about Chinese society and Chinese culture, which has both been changing rapidly. What used to be acceptable yesterday, maybe considered a faux-pas or maybe even forgotten by today’s generation. How do you deal with different generations in China? How do expectations towards leaders vary?

How do members of the opposite sex treat each other in business situations? Are young business women in China accepted by their male counterparts?

Daily life in China

You can tell by the small things in everyday life how comfortably someone gets around in a foreign country. There is knowledge involved about colors, numbers or shapes or certain items. For example, how to use gift giving for keeping up a friendship.

These and other questions about daily life in China and challenges – like vegan food or school choices – are covered in the China-specific intercultural trainings.


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