Cultural Differences – Italy

The exchange of mutual favors combined with long-term loyalties is the basis of every cooperation. Business relationships in Italy are therefore considered to be stable and successful only when the personal relationship between the partners is right and they all fit into a personal relationship network. The most important basis is good communication, because talking […]

Italian meeting culture

The seemingly innate desire to talk is typical of Italian business meetings. Italians embrace a fairly lively communication style. While you may communicate more directly and objectively, they display more enthusiastic gestures, facial expressions and emotions. Their expressive style, which always includes a little self-staging, includes simultaneous, loud speaking, which makes it significantly more difficult […]

La bella figura in Italian business

The Italian expression “la bella figura” translates to “cut a good figure” and refers to a person’s personal presence, fashionable clothes, a well-groomed appearance, good manners, and overall positive self-expression. The desire to cut a good figure in Italy is not only reserved for rich, successful and famous personalities. Regardless of social class, age, income […]

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