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According to our terms and conditions (“AGB”) you may cancel your seminars or trainings in writing any time. No fees occur, if you cancel up to four weeks before the training or coaching day. Cancellations up to two weeks prior to the event result in a fee reflecting 25% of the seminar costs. We will charge 50 % of the seminar costs if you cancel up to a week before the event and 90 % if you cancel less than a week before. There are no refunds when you cancel on the day of the event. Fees resulting from cancelled third party services might also apply.

Our seminars consist of a basic framework and follow similar units. However, no two seminars are alike. We cater to our clients’ needs and those are always different. And of course, our coaches have different personalities, which reflect the teaching style and outcome as well.

Of course! We offer trainings in a variety of countries to prepare your employees’ stay in Germany, but we can also organize coaching after their arrival here. Additionally, we have e-learning classes specifically for Germany in our repertoire: “Business Culture Germany” and “Living in Germany”. Our Global Mobility Platform provides a realm of information about sending employees to Germany as well. There are a lot of options!

Most participants, who stayed abroad before, have already proven themselves and know exactly how to prepare for it and where to access relevant information. Yet, over the course of the years, a lot can happen; it is important to say good-bye and also to manage loss that will be experienced when relocating again. There are also a lot of questions regarding their own identity. Taking time for new inspiration and reenergizing is important for a fresh start and our seminars help with these aspects of the relocation. Certainly, our training includes country specific information, since even places that used to feel like “home” have changed over time and it is hard to keep up with those changes. After our training, in many instances a lot of experienced participants make comments like: “I wished I had known this earlier!”

Your numbers will tell you – and your employees’ happy faces! Failed transfers are costly and sometimes add up to a six-digit figure in Euros. On the other hand, satisfied expats guarantee your company’s success; they will lead projects all the way to completion while living in a stable private environment.

We have accompanying class material available. In most cases, participants will receive a hand-out and notes about the training day. They can choose to have those printed or receive a digital copy. Additionally, all our participants will be granted access to our intercultural online platform that offers more than 600 articles and videos covering various situations about work and life abroad

We are happy to work with everyone making the trip, including children of all ages. Moreover, we think it is very important to include children in the preparation process. Their lives will change as well. For each family member, relocating to a foreign country is a big step. It makes sense to prepare for it together, to address concerns together but also to dream about it together and to create a meaningful farewell. Our experience has shown that it is best to bring small children along to our family sessions and have them taken care of separately. Teenagers usually know what they are interested in and when to let parents go by themselves.

In-person events are divided into two half days: For example, we are providing training for adults in the morning and for the whole family in the afternoon, when school and childcare is usually over. That way, no additional travel costs incur. For online-classes, you can make arrangements directly with your coach suiting your needs.

It depends on the participants. Usually, our trainings run over the course of either one day or two days. Of course, in two days we can cover much more content and apply our methods more substantially. When teaching groups, two-day training is recommended.

Sometimes there are constraints due to budget and time, but we will strive to find solution that will suit you. However, working with more participants in less training time will not produce the best outcome.

You can always extend the training. It is possible to independently deepen the topics with our e-learning tools, but we also offer continuing studies or accompanying coaching sessions. 

Yes! In general, all participants in our trainings will have a 3 months access to our online platform, which offers more than 600 articles and videos covering numerous business situations. Additionally, we offer more one-on-one coaching or group trainings,  which can be scheduled while still at home or later when already living abroad. This is actually a recommended practice to ensure sustainability and knowledge transfer into daily life situations in the new home country.

Yes, that is possible and in some cases even preferred. However, the most effective and ideal way to get ready for a life abroad looks like this: preparation with classes and coaching starts about 8 weeks before the actual move while still at home. This allows getting mentally ready and making arrangements e.g. establish contacts. About four weeks after the move when in the new country, more training is provided. That way, coaches are able to address questions that came up and can give vital insights to help ease the transition. Assignees schedule their training according to their needs before and after the move.

Even when living together for a long time, there are usually different challenges for the expat and the accompanying spouse in regards to transfer readiness. Our questionnaires reflect this and help us to determine the different baseline conditions to cater towards the individual needs of all family members. This could mean that accompanying spouses might get their own training.

We recommend starting with training as soon as the decision to relocate has been made. At the very latest, training should start 8 weeks before the actual moving date. That way the assignees are not too occupied bidding their farewells and planning the move. Alternatively, training can also happen at the new destination. About 4 weeks after the arrival date is a good time to talk about the new life abroad and clarify questions that have been coming up. Either way, we are flexible and cater to our customers’ needs.

In order to find the ideal coach for our assignees, we need to know the specific challenges of each participant. This method has led to a client satisfaction rate for our coaches of more than 99%.

You choose what works best for you and your assignees. We typically offer trainings at your company, at the assignee’s home, in a hotel conference room, virtual or in a combination of the above.

This depends on your needs and the format that comes with it: in person training usually runs one or two days. However, online classes or a combination of online training and individual coaching can take a few weeks.
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