Negotiating with Southeast Asian business partners

In Southeast Asia hierarchies are of great importance. That is why seating arrangements for negotiations are not left to chance. Each participating party sits on one side of the conference table. High-ranking participants and decision makers sit with their backs to the wall, usually facing the door, where the guest and negotiating partner is often […]

Italian meeting culture

The seemingly innate desire to talk is typical of Italian business meetings. Italians embrace a fairly lively communication style. While you may communicate more directly and objectively, they display more enthusiastic gestures, facial expressions and emotions. Their expressive style, which always includes a little self-staging, includes simultaneous, loud speaking, which makes it significantly more difficult […]

Presentations for Chinese business partners

When you present to a Chinese firm you will presumably do it in English. Be aware that you are communicating in a foreign language and that misunderstandings can arise more often. Therefore: Speak slowly, clearly, and in short sentences. Put in pauses. Show a lot of text on your presentation slides. The written word is […]

The art of drinking vodka

The owner of a company, Mr. Schmidt, was very satisfied with the course of the business dinner. The conclusion of the contract was as good as perfect, his new partners obviously enjoyed themselves very much, everything was perfect. Perhaps he should not have drunk so much, he was no longer in command of his tongue […]

Presentations for US-Americans

A presentation in front of an US-American audience needs to be short, concise and goal-orientated. Pay attention to the order of your structure! Do not begin by talking about the firm or the product history but emphasis the customer benefit. Then move on to the main aspects, results and conclusions. After that you explain with […]

Problem solving with British project partners

A few weeks after starting a bi-national project, the first question marks appear on both sides and it is usually not long before the first disputes start to loom on the horizon. Even then, the assumption is that it is merely a question of some people not getting on with one another. Eventually, however, there […]

Meetings in the Arab Gulf States

In the Arab Gulf states personal relationship with business or project partners is more important than anything else. Against that background verbal communication plays a vital role. The goal is to come to agreement on common action harmoniously. Naturally, that sets the tone for meetings. Do not expect an agenda that is followed closely. Topics […]

German communication – not rude, just honest and direct

In Germany, generous personal distance is found between speakers in a conversation, at least an arm’s length is expected. Eye contact is also crucial, as it demonstrates attention and interest in a conversation. For those who are not used to this characteristic, it may seem weird and awkward at first, but avoiding eye contact may […]

US-American communication style

US-Americans appreciate a pleasant atmosphere. Creating and keeping it, is of great importance to them. At an early age Americans learn to approach others, to be friendly and helpful. Right from the cradle they are praised for every tiny achievement. That creates confidence and marks their communication style: Always positive! Advantages of positive attitude Do […]

Project work with Romanians

In bi-national projects, Romanians impress primarily by demonstrating sound pragmatism. Should problems arise, a feasible solution is immediately sought. If circumstances require it, such a solution can often be extremely creative or even unconventional. In critical situations, Romanians often have the ability to turn things around, even if they have little to work with. Their […]

Negotiations in the Arab Gulf States

You are probably already familiar with the Arabic bazaar mentality or bargaining culture so you can assume that your Gulf Arab business partners will carry on intensive negotiations and haggle over prices. The initial negotiations are generally very comprehensive and lay the foundations for long-term business connections. The personal relationship between business partners is most […]

How to understand Swedish signals

Swedes are very modest and restrained in their communication; they will take every pain not to offend you or alienate you. Omtanke, which they have taken in with their mother’s milk, forbids them to do that. That means that criticism is often wrapped up in discreet (counter) suggestions or questions. And people from other countries often […]

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