The Gulf Arab operating system IBM

“Inshallah” – “If God wills”, “bukra” – “tomorrow” or “at some time or other”, and “malesh” – it doesn’t matter” or “no harm meant” are set expressions that are nourished from Arabic proverbs and will reach your ears several times a day when you are travelling in Arabic-speaking countries. Because of their conspicuously frequent use […]

Cultural Differences – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is based on a social system marked by a sense of community and tradition. In the center stands the family. All values that play an important role in social life are decisive in the business world as well. Generosity, reciprocal caretaking, and respect are therefore characteristics which you definitely should display in business […]

Visitors from the Arab Gulf States

For Gulf Arabs hospitality is very important, so demonstrate generosity and helpfulness to your visitors from the Arab Gulf states. Strengthen your relationships with common meals and activities. That will certainly pay off later. Arrival at the airport It is absolutely advisable to meet your Gulf Arab guests at the airport and drive them to […]

Facial expressions and gestures in the Arab Gulf States

The Arab Gulf states are “high-context“ cultures. Therefore, body language as part of a non-verbal communication plays a particularly important role. Besides the context in which something is said, facial expressions and gestures are a major contribution in transmitting information. Signals of body language In communication with Gulf Arabs you should observe exactly whether the […]

Communication in the Arab Gulf States

In the Arab Gulf states good relationships between business partners always take priority. Business is a personal matter and never just about the products. Accordingly, every business meeting involves a lot of small talk to help participants get to know each other better and build up trust. Gulf Arabs speak circuitously, are very skilled with […]

Presentations in the Arab Gulf States

Are you ready to give a presentation to your Gulf Arab project partners? If you want anyone to listen, do not spoil your chances by dashing to the front at 9am sharp and start presenting even before the projector has warmed up. Much more important are preliminary conversations with your listeners or the participants in […]

First business appointments in the Arab Gulf States

Every country belonging to the Arabic cultural world is based on a social system marked by a sense of community and tradition. In the center is the family. All of the values that play an important role in the family and hence in social life, are decisive in the Gulf Arab business world as well. […]

Cultural Differences – Arabian countries

Tradition and a societal system – these are the corner stones that mark the community spirit of the countries belonging to the Arabian cultural milieu. The center is the Islamic family – values that are important in family-life and society apply just as well in business-life. Therefore generosity, mutual care and respect are virtues that […]

Businesswomen in the Arab Gulf States

Is equality between men and women at all possible in the Arab Gulf states? What is it that decides whether and to what level women can participate in business? Is it possible for women to reach management levels? There is not set answer to any of these questions. A more nuanced approach is required. Different […]

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