Cross-cultural trainings supporting your employees overseas

A long-term exchange of employees is beneficial to a company’s success and opens up new perspectives for your employees – and their spouses and families.

Our world-wide coaches call multiple countries their home and are familiar with the ups and down that come along when living in a new culture.

Different countries have different vibes: locations closer to home might feel like worlds apart, whereas a place at the end of the world could offer surprising “feels-like-home” moments.

A stay abroad is the successful when challenging questions can be answered upfront in a neutral environment – either during the preparation at home or shortly after the arrival at the new location.

We focus on transferring our knowledge of different cultures and about the effects that big environmental changes will have on someone’s life. We also provide guidance on how to master the challenges when relocating.

Accompanying spouses and children have their own priorities. If they feel comfortable, life in the new location will almost certainly be successful. Supporting families during the relocation process plays an important role and has specific requirements. We offer advice and assistance – so that those who travel together will stay together.

We are the one-stop partner for companies, expats, their partners and families. With our cross-cultural training, we prepare your employees step by step for their extended stay overseas and continue to support them. If needed, our experienced coaches assemble a customized program within two work days training your employees immediately on-site.

Training – really fast

We guarantee: an experienced coach will starting working with your employees within 48 hours – anywhere!

Anywhere – with a variety of experience

We are locally represented in any country and will find a coach with experience in any combination of target countries.

The whole family under one roof

Our training sessions are for everyone traveling – especially children are dear to our hearts.

Cross-cultural Training

You are interested in our cross-cultural services? We prepare a customized training for you within 48 hours – please contact us!

We are a one-stop-shop

You hire us – and we take care of all the details. Our coaches have a vast knowledge about the target countries, but also about the new life situation your employees will face. We assemble customized training modules that cater to their specific personal situation and work environment. Additionally, your assignees have access for three months to our Global Mobility Platform that offers comprehensive cross-cultural information.

Preparing your employees

Our trainings are the most individual form of learning: While teaching our knowledge, we create a comfortable atmosphere that allows for self-discovery and discovering others in a new cultural context. Our coaches not only share their knowledge and experience, but also their lives. Trust gets developed and together with the newly gained skill-set, participants are encouraged to try and practice new behaviors abroad. With think that this is the most important basis for mastering new situations at work and in daily life, and for feeling “home” in a new environment soon – our training sessions provide the tools.

Supporting your employees

Many questions will arise once your assignees are in their new work environment. Daily life can be challenging, especially at the beginning. Despite the best effort, integration abroad may not “feel right” or new behavior patterns may not work as expected. What could be the reason? No question is too small, no challenge too big – we are here to help!


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What exactly happens during intercultural trainings?

An intercultural training is a seminar, which teaches “intercultural competency” as a key skill. Participants learn how to interact in new cultural environment and how to develop strategies and attitudes for a successful stay abroad. Intercultural seminars complimented by coaches’ personal experiences are building the foundation for a successful overseas stay and for achieving your employees’ personal goals.

Intercultural trainings are less focused on so-called “hard skills”, like learning a new language, but more on “soft skills”:

What are soft skills?

Key skills in this particular area for adult education are:

  • communication – the ability to effectively communicate is one of the most important competencies. Communication is defined the transfer of information for the purpose of improving understanding.
  • self-motivation – this is a key skill as well: While in a new international environment, you often need to leave your comfort zone and motivate yourself over and over again to discover something new and gain benefits out of it, despite dealing with insecurities. 
  • leadership qualities – your employees may have proven their leadership skills in the German work environment. However, how will they perform abroad?
  • team work – in the context of a stay abroad as an expat, team works entails mastering challenging situations in groups with an international background while working together effectively.
  • problem solving – initially, there may be a number of problems when moving to a foreign country. That’s why it is important to offer solid problem solving skills and provide crucial and high-quality information.
  • working under pressure and time management – participants in our seminars learn how to become more resilient and improve their time management skills.

What are the most important training objectives?

Due to increasing globalization, intercultural communication has become a key sector in the modern business world. The primary goal of intercultural communication is to improve understanding of so-called “communication phenomena”. Within that objective, science offers three different approaches:

  • the cognitive dimension – this dimension refers to the explicit knowledge someone has about other cultures, about their own cultural values and those of other cultures and about intercultural theories.
  • the affective action level – this level describes the emotional level of interculturally communicating people. It includes emotional stability, which is necessary when dealing with other cultures, and mental attitude towards different cultures.
  • the behavior level – this level combines the first two levels: knowledge acquired on the cognitive and affective level gets applied to real-life intercultural scenarios, which translates into adequate behavior and ultimately results in reaching personal communication goals.

What can be prepared in advance?

An intercultural training is scheduled and your employees would like to prepare themselves in advance? It is recommended to read a book about intercultural trainings methods or simply access relevant information online. Of course, during and after the trainings, we are always available to your employees and are happy to answer their intercultural questions.

Frequently asked questions about our cross-cultural training

According to our terms and conditions (“AGB”) you may cancel your seminars or trainings in writing any time. No fees occur, if you cancel up to four weeks before the training or coaching day. Cancellations up to two weeks prior to the event result in a fee reflecting 25% of the seminar costs. We will charge 50 % of the seminar costs if you cancel up to a week before the event and 90 % if you cancel less than a week before. There are no refunds when you cancel on the day of the event. Fees resulting from cancelled third party services might also apply.

Our seminars consist of a basic framework and follow similar units. However, no two seminars are alike. We cater to our clients’ needs and those are always different. And of course, our coaches have different personalities, which reflect the teaching style and outcome as well.
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