Global Mobility Platform

Your employees are overseas and require intercultural support – we are there for them at any time and any place, online or in person. Our collective knowledge is available to your expats 24/7 and around the globe. Our platform provides information and tips for all relevant aspects of an international relocation. You can also arrange for individual coaching. While there is support when their household is moved, our customers receive support with moving their hearts and minds.  

Information and Coaching

All participants working with the Global Mobility Platform have access to our e-learning modules and a personal coach can be by their side.

A whole year

The first year in a new environment presents the biggest challenge. For all questions, quick and comprehensive answers can be found here.

360° Informationen

Details about the new neighborhood, job opportunities for your spouse, information about quarantining your dog – there is no topic that we do not cover.

Test our Global Mobility Platform

You want to see it for yourself and try our platform? Of course, we invite you do to so! 

Our knowledge for your success

We have consolidated everything – our experience and our knowledge: on our Global Mobility Platform your employees get unlimited access to every insight, tip and recommendation our experts have to offer. No topic is too small, no question too complex. Our platform is designed in a way that all users can quickly, independently and fully operate it. 

One year – a thousand possibilities 

We will give access to our Global Mobility Platform for a whole year. That is a long time frame? Our experience shows that especially the first year abroad takes a big toll on the assignees. Almost their whole lives need to be reorganized and a lot of reliable answers are needed. It is vital to have access to a source of knowledge for twelve months, to match personal experiences and get practical tips anytime – on our Global Mobility Platform. 

Blended Learning at its best

Training, e-learning, our comprehensive knowledge database and coaching – our different learning methods offer preparing for the stay abroad at any pace and intensity. You and your employees can make choices based on the type of the assignment, the new location and their individual needs. 


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Frequently asked questions about our Global Mobility Platform

Of course! We offer trainings in a variety of countries to prepare your employees’ stay in Germany, but we can also organize coaching after their arrival here. Additionally, we have e-learning classes specifically for Germany in our repertoire: “Business Culture Germany” and “Living in Germany”. Our Global Mobility Platform provides a realm of information about sending employees to Germany as well. There are a lot of options!

Most participants, who stayed abroad before, have already proven themselves and know exactly how to prepare for it and where to access relevant information. Yet, over the course of the years, a lot can happen; it is important to say good-bye and also to manage loss that will be experienced when relocating again. There are also a lot of questions regarding their own identity. Taking time for new inspiration and reenergizing is important for a fresh start and our seminars help with these aspects of the relocation. Certainly, our training includes country specific information, since even places that used to feel like “home” have changed over time and it is hard to keep up with those changes. After our training, in many instances a lot of experienced participants make comments like: “I wished I had known this earlier!”

Your numbers will tell you – and your employees’ happy faces! Failed transfers are costly and sometimes add up to a six-digit figure in Euros. On the other hand, satisfied expats guarantee your company’s success; they will lead projects all the way to completion while living in a stable private environment.
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