Tips for successful cooperation with Mexicans

The office atmosphere in Mexico may be very different than what you would expect in your own country. You’ll often encounter open-plan offices surrounded by supervisors’ offices, which may have doors and large windows that look out on the open space. With so many people on a single large, open space, it’s often a lot […]

Are meetings in Mexico pure chaos?

Like his counterparts around the world, a Mexican manager has a calendar full of meetings. Of course, the point of these meetings is to discuss and promote projects, to share information or make decisions. However, these are not the sole purposes of a meeting in Mexico. Relationships matter Building relationships and trust, cultivating contacts and […]

Polite and cordial: communication in Mexico

For Mexicans, politeness and the manners involved are extremely important, as it is also crucial for a first impression in Western European countries. However, to a Western European, Mexican manners may appear to sometimes border on subservience; however, do not make the mistake of thinking that your new business associates are subordinate to you. Mexicans […]

Cultural Differences – Mexico

Compared to the lively Brazilians, Mexicans are more serious and reserved. However, your Mexican business partners will receive you with the same great friendliness and openness that you are used to in other South American countries. Once a conversation has started, Mexicans get going fast. Wild gestures and loud laughter are simply part of good […]

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