Cultural Differences – Ghana

In the West African state of Ghana there are well over one hundred different ethnic groups with their own religion, language and traditions. The largest ethnic group are the Akan, who are one of the few matriarchal ethnic groups in Africa. The Ashanti are the largest tribe within the Akan. Other large tribes, each with […]

Cultural Differences – Rwanda

Although very small in terms of surface area, Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa and is home to an amazing variety of landscapes. In 1994, the country experienced one of the most terrible genocides in the world through the escalation of ethnic-social differences in society. To this day, political, economic […]

Cultural Differences – Kenya

Kenya unites around 40 ethnic groups (Bantu (65 percent), among which are Kikuyu (20 percent), Luhya (14 percent), Kamba (11 percent)) and Nilots (approx. 30 percent), among which are Luo (13 percent), Kalenjin (12 percent), Massai (1.6 percent) and others) as well as a large number of immigrant Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs and Chinese. This multi-ethnic […]

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