Negotiating with Southeast Asian business partners

In Southeast Asia hierarchies are of great importance. That is why seating arrangements for negotiations are not left to chance. Each participating party sits on one side of the conference table. High-ranking participants and decision makers sit with their backs to the wall, usually facing the door, where the guest and negotiating partner is often […]

Presentations for Chinese business partners

When you present to a Chinese firm you will presumably do it in English. Be aware that you are communicating in a foreign language and that misunderstandings can arise more often. Therefore: Speak slowly, clearly, and in short sentences. Put in pauses. Show a lot of text on your presentation slides. The written word is […]

Facial expressions and gestures in China

Your Chinese business partners will rarely show what they are actually thinking. Their facial expressions and gestures are very unexpressive and monotonous in business life. Emotions, particularly negative ones, aren’t shown outwardly. Eye contact In many business situations keeping eye contact is not as common as you are perhaps used to. If your Chinese conversation […]

Building up business relationships in China

Business people from some countries are used to cooperating on a basis orientated to facts. Personal relationships and building them up is of minor importance. As long as the product, the price, and the service are in order, deals can be done. Relationships make up for other deficits Things are entirely different in a business […]

Meetings with Chinese business partners

The primary purpose of meetings in China is to figure out how things are going or to announce new things. Forming opinions and coming to decisions on the other hand take place in many private get-togethers outside of the conference room. Meetings in China are made up of mostly accompanying communication. Punctuality Appointments in China […]

The Chinese perspective

People especially in western countries enjoy many political and religious freedoms. Human rights have always been an important topic. All persons are equal before the law. Nobody can be discriminated against. Nobody may be arrested or punished without a legitimate court procedure. The media are allowed to report on every topic without censorship. As a […]

Negotiations in China

You will need time, patience, flexibility and to pay strict attention in negotiations with Chinese business partners. Stay calm and be prepared for surprising changes of direction. Participants in negotiations If the Chinese firm is big assume that you will be sitting opposite a big negotiating team with precisely defined roles. You should go in […]

Business meals and after work in China

While in in China, you will certainly be invited to a meal. This is something to look forward to, so do not turn down invitations, even if they are issued last-minute. Shared meals and evening entertainment are a part of business in China. Chinese food Chinese cuisine is famous for its variety and you always […]

Chinese styles of communication

Chinese often speak loud and fast and with a multi-faceted intonation. Sometimes their way of speaking sounds quite staccato. Communication is relationship-oriented But the decisive thing is that Chinese cultivate a style of communication that is orientated to relationships. Not the business, but the people are at the center of a conversation. So in a […]

First business appointment in China

Be well prepared for the first business appointment in a Chinese firm. Arrive punctually and take note of suitable clothing style. Conservative dress code Well-known brands emphasize personal status in China, which is of particular relevance in the hierarchically-oriented Chinese business world. As a man you should wear a dark suit with a shirt and […]

Cultural Differences – China

The engineer had really been looking forward to his expatriate assignment to China. He had read several books on the Chinese mentality and tried to pick up some Mandarin. Yet, even months after his arrival in Peking he had the feeling that he had not got one step further in the Chinese subsidiary of his […]

Communication in China

In China the primary goal of business communication is to create a lasting solid relationship based on reciprocal trust and harmony. You do business with friends only, not with strangers. Small talk Therefore, the first step in paving the way for business is doing everything to get to know new partners better through small talk. […]

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