Business meals and after work in Poland

Business lunches, which usually take place in restaurants, are instrumental in the creation of a good partnership atmosphere in Polish business culture. It should be borne in mind especially that ›It’s not what you say, but how you say it.‹ Among the first topics of discussion will be subjects which allow you to get to […]

Challenges in a German-French job interview

Let’s take a look at the human resources department of a traditional German company that attaches great importance to good dealings with its personnel at all levels and lives up to this. One sunny morning, a young French engineer, graduate of a so-called French “elite university”, two representatives of the technical department and the HR […]

How to understand Russian business talk

The Russian communication style is relationship-oriented. Personal feelings always take precedence over factual information. This is why many Russians tend to communicate in a more diplomatic manner. Not everything is stated clearly and unambiguously. Don’t expect plain speaking. Any direct, rational and fact-oriented communication seems confrontational and even hurtful or arrogant to Russians.. Is it […]

Cultural Differences – East Africa

In East African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Malawi, it is essential to allow sufficient time to get projects off the ground. In order to establish a certain basis of trust, it is not unusual to talk extensively about personal matters with potential business partners. Family is very important in East […]

Meetings with Danish business partners

Danish meetings (Møder) are targeted. Of course, this also applies to meetings with foreign business partners. Beyond any concrete goals, such as the start of the project, meetings are also about establishing a sense of trust and community. Accordingly, the term “Fælleskab” – “community” – is central to Danish culture. The Danish designer Erik Magnussen […]

Businesswomen in the Arab Gulf States

Is equality between men and women at all possible in the Arab Gulf states? What is it that decides whether and to what level women can participate in business? Is it possible for women to reach management levels? There is not set answer to any of these questions. A more nuanced approach is required. Different […]

Cultural Differences – Brazil

Brazil is a multicultural and very open-minded country. Foreign business people are generally greeted warmly and with great interest. Brazilians are, however, not easily impressed. Their strong self-confidence breeds their attitude, ‘We are who we are’. For good bi-national contacts, you should thus bear in mind that you should always show your Brazilian partners the […]

Successful business in Scandinavia

People in Scandinavia are generally relaxed with each other. In many places people address each other by their first names (with the exception of the Norwegians), and even the dress code tends to be more casual in everyday business than in many other countries. At the same time, however, a polite distance is usually expected. […]

The cultural identity of the Bulgarian business world

Bulgaria lies at the crossroads of different cultures. The small country that used to be a great world power and played an active role in shaping history lies on the border between Asia and Europe. The original Bulgarians were a warlike people from Central Asia. In 681 they crossed the Danube and founded the state […]

Business meals and after work in the USA

In the USA business meals and after work activities are a good social lubricant and are viewed as a standard part of a business deal. Although US-Americans are open and friendly at group common meals and activities, they do not “Only do business with friends”, as in many other parts of the world. Being a […]

Cultural Differences – Lithuania

In daily dealings with Lithuanian business partners, you will frequently notice their strong emotional ties to both Poland and Russia. In addition, the Catholic Church is important in Lithuanian life; this not only increases the distance to their Baltic neighbors, but also defines their fundamental values. For successful business negotiations in Lithuania, the basic prerequisite […]

Visitors from China

When you expect guests from China, e.g., a delegation or colleagues who are to take part in training, meet them at the airport or at least send someone to receive them there. Taking care of others, friendliness, and hospitality are important factors for the Chinese. Accommodation Take your guests to their hotel. Make sure in […]

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