US-American communication style

US-Americans appreciate a pleasant atmosphere. Creating and keeping it, is of great importance to them. At an early age Americans learn to approach others, to be friendly and helpful. Right from the cradle they are praised for every tiny achievement. That creates confidence and marks their communication style: Always positive!

Advantages of positive attitude

Do not evaluate the openness of the Americans as the early beginning of a friendship. It is possible, however, in the USA there is a long way between getting to know each other and a friendship. What is more, do not label the always positive attitude of the Americans as pure superficiality.

Try to see the advantages that come along with it: if for example you arrive newly in the USA at a firm you have ten extra points. You are included from the beginning. However, there are countries where you start from zero – or even below zero, if you are unlucky. You need to prove yourself, only then you are included.

The absolute best

If Americans are expressive or reserved has to do with their personality, of course. In general it is true though that they are rather expressional and to people from other countries they often lay it on too thick: something or someone isn’t just good, but the absolute best. No one is interested in only “good”.

The intonation of someone whose mother tongue isn’t American English often sounds rather monotonous. Listen to American English, to get a feeling for it. If you consider your intonation exaggerated, it is probably just right according to American standards.

Solutions, not problems

Don’t speak of problems but rather look for solutions. In the American business culture there are no problems, but only ever “issues” or “challenges” for which solutions are sought. Even if you are asked your true opinion, phrase it as positive as possible, in order to preserve the pleasant atmosphere.

Johanna Marius

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