Business women in Poland

Many Polish women had to very quickly find their feet in a new role as a Business Woman. A full-time job was nothing new to them, but in the new economic system it brought the need to reconcile challenges, family-life and overtime, as well as the requirement for continuing education.

Networks guarantee flexibility

In Poland, this double burden is perceived quite differently compared to some other European countries. If there is a lack of nursery and kindergarten places, alternative solutions are found, involving the large and well-functioning networks. Family cohesion plays an important role in Poland. Family members and friends make sure that child care can be organized. By these means, the working woman remains flexible and can manage to work full-time.

Businesswomen and Gentlemen

In the Polish business environment you will meet many highly qualified women who act confidently, are strong negotiating partners while maintaining a feminine appearance. Being a gentleman with women is natural in Poland, for both genders. Small gestures of courtesy, e.g. that a woman should be the first through a door or helped out of her coat, do not mean that Polish women are less emancipated.

Quite the opposite: for Polish men, it is important to be regarded as a gentleman; entering a lift before a woman, not standing when a woman enters the room or not offering help to plug in a laptop or projector might all be regarded as indicators of poor upbringing. In the Polish business world, it is also common for women to hear compliments and to be offered flowers for their name-day or birthday.A business woman in Poland is expected to remain a “woman” and convey her decisions with femininity.

Foreign business women in Poland

Foreign business women in Poland will be met with the same attention and politeness as Polish women. When your Polish business partners anticipate or even flirt with you, this does not mean that they do not take you seriously as a business woman, they are simply treating you as they would any female Polish colleague. In Poland, the politeness of men towards women is not an obstacle to equality and emancipation.

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