Facial expressions and gestures in the Arab Gulf States

The Arab Gulf states are “high-context“ cultures. Therefore, body language as part of a non-verbal communication plays a particularly important role. Besides the context in which something is said, facial expressions and gestures are a major contribution in transmitting information. Signals of body language In communication with Gulf Arabs you should observe exactly whether the […]

Negotiations in the USA

US-Americans follow the same basic rule in negotiation that applies to all business communication in the USA: Say what you mean, and mean what you say. There might be a firmer tone than usual, but the motto is still: Hard on facts, soft on people. Stick to the facts and keep calm. Be prepared US-Americans […]

Communication in the Arab Gulf States

In the Arab Gulf states good relationships between business partners always take priority. Business is a personal matter and never just about the products. Accordingly, every business meeting involves a lot of small talk to help participants get to know each other better and build up trust. Gulf Arabs speak circuitously, are very skilled with […]

Chinese styles of communication

Chinese often speak loud and fast and with a multi-faceted intonation. Sometimes their way of speaking sounds quite staccato. Communication is relationship-oriented But the decisive thing is that Chinese cultivate a style of communication that is orientated to relationships. Not the business, but the people are at the center of a conversation. So in a […]

Characteristics of British communication

The complete Oxford Dictionary contains 500,000 words. This may easily lead to the conclusion that the repertoire of linguistic expressions is very differentiatet and varied in English. Furthermore, there are approximately 340 million people worldwide today, who speak English as their mother tongue not to mention all those who speak English as a second language. […]

Giving talks and holding presentations in Brazil

In their presentations, Brazilians often use the diminutive and even apologise expressly. This is due to their indirect communication style. Even their tone of voice, pauses, gestures and facial expressions may sometimes give their business partners from other countries the impression that they are not competent enough. When attending a Brazilian presentation, allow plenty of […]

Presentations in the Arab Gulf States

Are you ready to give a presentation to your Gulf Arab project partners? If you want anyone to listen, do not spoil your chances by dashing to the front at 9am sharp and start presenting even before the projector has warmed up. Much more important are preliminary conversations with your listeners or the participants in […]

Initial business contact with British partners

The British like to stick to traditions. “Traditional” means that something has sustained the change of time and it has proven successful. A bright new tomorrow, bathed in the warm glow of yesterday – that is what Britons strive for. No wonder, a good cup of Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea is not only […]

Negotiations in Sweden

When you enter negotiations with Swedes you should be well aware of your inner attitude and also reflect what impression you are making on the other side during the conversations. Swedes will always see you as a negotiating partner and not as a negotiating opponent. They will search for a solution in a friendly and nice way, […]

Communication in China

In China the primary goal of business communication is to create a lasting solid relationship based on reciprocal trust and harmony. You do business with friends only, not with strangers. Small talk Therefore, the first step in paving the way for business is doing everything to get to know new partners better through small talk. […]

Communication and first impressions in Danish business life

Danes don’t beat about the bush and get to the point quickly. Communication is goal-oriented and direct, the language style clear and distinct. People in Denmark tend to use low-context communication: you don’t have to read between the lines, things are spelled out. Well-structured statements with figures and data to support what has been said is […]

Meetings and presentations in Poland

Meetings are very popular in Poland, because they offer a chance for personal contact. However, the objectives of the meeting are often achieved only shortly before closing, under time pressure, because there is no strict structure. Instead, you jump from topic to topic and not all decisions are recorded in writing. Many internal meetings will also take […]

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