Saving face, giving face, losing face

In many languages we have the expression “to save face”. Basically, it means to keep up appearances in public so that others are respecting us. “Losing face” on the other hand implies that someone has disappointed due to his behaviour. This person’s image has been damaged, because he has compromised, disgraced or exposed himself to […]

Hygge and Omtanke: the feel-good factor in Scandinavian business

In Denmark, this well-being is generally referred to as “hygge” (which is actually a Norwegian word pronounced as “hugge”). This refers to a general need for satisfaction, friendship and coziness. People are nice to each other, but also to themselves. At home, hygge means spending time alone at home or together with friends in a […]

Typical German?!

Our actions and behavior are guided by cultural standards that have evolved over time. These values, which have been affirmed and firmly anchored in us, are a matter of course as to how to behave correctly in a wide variety of everyday situations. The difficulty in international cooperation, however, lies in the fact that each […]

Cultural Differences – Russia

When establishing business relations in Russia for the first time, contacting potential business partners can be the first major hurdle. In Russia, personal contact is preferred. Just writing is perceived as too impersonal and dispassionate. Russians expect to best assess their interlocutors by meeting face to face. For this reason alone, faxes and e-mails often […]

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