Anything is possible!

Working in Brazil without coming across the famous ›jeitinho‹ is practically impossible. The word derives from ›dar um jeito‹, which translates as ›finding a way‹, with the added suffix ›inho‹ making it into a diminutive. The expression means that for almost everything there is a way (out). Even when this is not entirely legal, one makes no big deal about it. In the event that there is one linear option and another one less straightforward, but elegant to choose from, you can assume that the ›jeitinho‹ will be preferred.

Little moments and little problems

Brazilians love diminutives. They are used very frequently with names. However, you should not take the downsizing too literally, as e.g., from ›perto‹ (close) comes ›pertinho‹, which can still be quite distant. A ›momentinho‹, i.e. a little moment, can actually be rather long.

And when some ›probleminha‹ arises (little problem), alarm bells should ring. If Brazilians feel compelled to directly address problems, there is usually more than meets the eye. A ›Não se preocupe‹ (Don’t worry), is, from experience, a signal which should really make you worry. Never forget: ›O Maior país do mundo‹ (The largest country in the world is Brazil). Brazilians are very proud of their country.

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